Does Artificial Jewellery Make For A Good Gift?

by Shekh AMan on August 27, 2022

Buying jewellery can get really intimidating and extremely expensive really fast. As much as jewellery ties together an outfit and almost always elevates any look, it takes a lot of insight and understanding to get to a place where the jewellery you wear becomes an extension of you, adding to your self-expression. More importantly, in the case of gifting jewellery to the women and girls in your life, it can become a hit or miss gift very easily.

Here are some reasons why you should consider artificial jewellery while gifting on events such as birthdays and anniversaries or just about anything else.

Ease in experimentation and exploring self expression

You may not fully know or understand the individual tastes or preferences or style of the person you are gifting jewellery to. And if that is the case, it makes gifting artificial jewellery a lot less stressful because the investment wouldn’t be as high as it would be in the case of real jewellery. For some, earrings are absolutely essential in every outfit and for others, they absolutely need a bracelet adorning their arm to complete their signature look. All this to say that when you gift the women and girls in your life artificial jewellery you allow them to experiment and express their inner self through it without the pressure of investing in real jewellery.


One of the most significant advantages with artificial or imitation jewellery is that it doesn’t break the bank when you want to explore different styles for different occasions and actually build a good collection of pieces that you can choose from without repeating them frequently. Affordability really comes into play when you know that the women in your life love receiving jewellery for their birthdays and other occasions like anniversaries. This gives you the option of indulging in their love for jewellery as often as you feel like, because the return on your investment in artificial pieces is ten-fold for them.

Ease in daily wear

For those who prefer adding jewellery as another aspect of their outfits for work or for college or every day life, artificial jewellery us most appropriate as it allows them the flexibility to use pieces that reflect the style of the day, could be bohemian for a brush or minimal for meetings, there would always be something to choose from. It also makes it easier to stay on top of trends that resonate with the wearer since they have more options to choose from and artificial jewellery is more easily available. Especially when a person's job may require them to move about a lot during the day to different places and even in public commutes, it also makes sense from a safety standpoint.

There’s something for every occasion

Just as there is something for everyday use in artificial jewellery, there is also something for specific events and occasions. In a country like India, a festival or special occasion is always just around the corner. For this, artificial jewellery is not only a gift that will be used often, it is also a very smart and thoughtful choice. For birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and as a gift for any other reason, artificial jewellery is a gift that will continue giving for countless occasions, from weddings to brunches to office parties.

Ease in maintenance

As much as we'd like to be waltzing in and out of ballrooms and red carpets, the reality is that for most people that is not a relatable occasion. With artificial jewellery such as Blingvines, which is extremely high quality and comes with a long lasting polish to increase the longevity of it, so you can rest assured knowing that the gifts you give the women and girls in your life on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, will last a lifetime with proper use and care.

Artificial jewellery unlocks the love and passion that a person has for jewellery and exploring their own style and aesthetic for it. It is easy to handle and there are a plethora of options to choose from. It allows for easy transition from style to style and at the same time helps in building a noteworthy collection of jewellery that has been curated with much thought and love. It will always enhance the gifting experience.